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Meet Our Amazing Team

We are a group of passionate animal lovers who are thankful for the opportunity to take care of your pets. Always professional, we strive to give you and your pet the best veterinary care possible.

  • Ingrid Baksys, DVM
  • William Sutkay, DVM
  • Lisa Wardisiani, DVM
  • Dusty Sachen, DVM
  • Alyson Manthei, DVM
  • Elizabeth Peterson, DVM
  • Kenneth Swiatkowski, DVM
Leadership Team
  • Erika Flint, Practice Manager
  • Danny, Lead Client Service Representative
  • Jenny, Lead Veterinary Technician/ Pharmacy Manager
  • Kevin, Lead Veterinary Technician
  • Sienna, Lead Veterinary Assistant
Veterinary Technicians
  • Ady, Laboratory Technician
  • Bryan, CVT
  • Debra, CVT
  • Kerri
  • Maribel
Veterinary Support Staff
  • Celi, Veterinary Assistant
  • Carli, Veterinary Assistant
  • Alex, Veterinary Assistant/CSR
  • Allie, Veterinary Assistant/CSR
  • Elena, Veterinary Assistant
  • Jada, Veterinary Assistant/CSR
  • Maggie, Veterinary Assistant/CSR
  • Angel, Veterinary Assistant/CSR
  • Morgan, Veterinary Assistant
  • Claudia, Veterinary Assistant/CSR
  • Jeanette, Veterinary Assistant/CSR
  • Kaitlyn, Veterinary Assistant/CSR
Customer Support
  • Vanessa, CSR-CCC
  • Alyssa, CSR
  • Edith, CSR
  • Thomas, CSR

Ingrid Baksys


Dr. Ingrid Baksys, originally from the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, found her calling in veterinary medicine, driven by her lifelong love for animals and people. After earning her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Illinois in 2001, she joined the Riser team, where she later became a co-owner in June 2015 alongside Dr. Sutkay. Dr. Baksys has a special interest in internal medicine and enjoys nurturing young companions during puppy and kitten visits. She values building lasting connections with clients and their pets, embodying the compassionate care that defines Riser. Outside of work, Dr. Baksys finds joy in reading, yoga, and spending time with family and friends. Her dedication to animal well-being and compassionate approach to veterinary care make her a cherished member of the Riser team.

William Sutkay


Dr. William Sutkay, a compassionate veterinarian at Riser Animal Hospital, found his calling in veterinary medicine early in life, inspired by his upbringing in Sterling, IL. After earning his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Illinois in 2004, he joined Riser in 2006 and later became a co-owner in 2015. Dr. Sutkay is dedicated to promoting preventative medicine and enhancing the quality of life for senior pets. Alongside his wife and fellow veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Kotarinos, he embraces a collaborative approach to patient care. Outside of work, he enjoys an active lifestyle and cherishes time with his family, including his three daughters. Dr. Sutkay's unwavering dedication to veterinary care makes him an invaluable asset to the Riser team.

Lisa Wardisiani


Dr. Lisa Wardisiani, originally from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL, developed a deep love for animals at a young age. Following her childhood dream, she pursued a career in veterinary medicine, graduating with a Doctorate from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 2000. Dr. Wardisiani has dedicated herself to providing exceptional care to her patients at Riser Animal Hospital. Outside of work, she enjoys family time and indulges in her secret passion for dance as a licensed Zumba instructor. With a particular interest in soft tissue surgery, Dr. Wardisiani finds fulfillment in forming lasting connections with her clients and witnessing their pets' growth. An avid Chicago Bears and Chicago Dogs fan, she cherishes downtime with her family, including her American Bulldog, Charlie. Driven by her love for science, biology, and animals, she sees her work as the perfect blend of her passions, making each day in the field rewarding and meaningful.

Dusty Sachen


Dr. Dusty Sachen's lifelong passion for science and animals led her to a career in veterinary medicine. After earning her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 2010, she returned to her hometown of Chicago to join Riser Animal Hospital. Dr. Sachen's enthusiasm for her work shines through as she builds strong relationships with clients and their pets. Outside of work, she enjoys family time, walks, and indulging in a good book. With a furry family member, Cutie Pie the Chinchilla, Dr. Sachen's love for animals extends beyond the workplace. She finds fulfillment in blending her passion for animals with her scientific curiosity in her veterinary career.

Alyson Manthei


Dr. Alyson Manthei, originally from Wisconsin, discovered her passion for animals and science early on. After completing her undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin, she earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2014. Joining the Riser family in Chicago in June 2015, Dr. Manthei's dedication and expertise have made her a cherished asset to the team. While she specializes in internal medicine, dermatology, and infectious diseases, her love for veterinary medicine spans all its facets. Outside of work, Dr. Manthei enjoys time with her family, indulging in food and coffee, reading, and immersing herself in music and podcasts. With her beloved Golden Retriever companion, Cannoli, Dr. Manthei finds joy in witnessing transformations in her patients' quality of life. Her favorite part of working at Riser is the camaraderie among colleagues, where humor prevails. If Dr. Manthei were a dog, she humorously identifies with the Beagle breed for her love of food, constant smile, and occasional touch of drama, reflecting her delightful personality.

Elizabeth Peterson


Dr. Elizabeth Peterson, an associate veterinarian at Riser, brings extensive experience and a profound love for animal care to the team. Raised on a farm in North Dakota, she developed a strong bond with family dogs and barn cats, shaping her path towards veterinary medicine. With an undergraduate degree from the University of North Dakota and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Minnesota, she specializes in small animal medicine. Joining Riser in 2018, Dr. Peterson's dedication extends to her own family, where she shares her passion for animals with her daughter and a diverse household of pets. Outside of work, she enjoys family time, traveling, and reading. Dr. Peterson finds fulfillment in improving the lives of pets and their owners, making veterinary medicine a rewarding career. She appreciates the teamwork and positive energy at Riser, aligning with her commitment to fostering a supportive environment. If Dr. Peterson were a dog, she sees herself as a King Charles Cavalier, drawn to their quiet and shy nature, yet deeply connected to her favorite people—a true couch potato at heart.

Kenneth Swiatkowski


Dr. Kenneth Swiatkowski, our esteemed veterinarian associate, joined the Riser team in November 2023, bringing extensive experience and knowledge to our practice. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Dr. Swiatkowski pursued his passion for veterinary medicine, graduating from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign in '98. Devoted to serving the northern suburbs, he has built a career focused on the well-being of animals. Dr. Swiatkowski's journey into veterinary medicine was inspired by a childhood love for animals and nurtured by early experiences as a kennel assistant and vet assistant. He is passionate about building long-term relationships with pet owners and excels in both medical and surgical aspects of his job, with a particular focus on dental care. Outside of work, Dr. Swiatkowski enjoys gardening, following Chicago sports, and spending time outdoors in Michigan with his furry family, including Dottie, Ralphie, and Leeloo. His dedication to his profession and diverse interests make him a valuable member of the Riser team, providing exceptional care for our furry friends in the northern suburbs.


Practice Manager

Erika Flint, our dedicated Practice Manager, has been an essential part of the Riser family since June 2015. With 26 years of experience in veterinary medicine, Erika's journey started as a kennel attendant and progressed through various roles, including assistant, receptionist, and surgical technician. Her expertise in veterinary management focuses on effective communication, emotional intelligence, and leadership training. Outside of work, Erika enjoys home remodeling, gardening, reading leadership books, and spending time with her family and pets. Her passion for animals and advocacy for their well-being drive her commitment to providing excellent care and maintaining high standards of excellence at Riser. Erika's favorite part of Riser lies in the incredible team and the relationships built with clients and patients. If Erika were a dog, she'd be a Pekingese—bougie, feisty, loyal, and sweet, reflecting her multifaceted personality. Erika's extensive experience, leadership, and passion contribute significantly to the success and positive culture of Riser Animal Hospital, making her an invaluable asset to our team.


Lead Client Service Representative

Danny, our dedicated Lead CSR at Riser, has brought a unique blend of passion and personality to our team since November 2019. Beyond his professional expertise, Danny is a proud Sci-Fi geek, immersing himself in Star Trek and Doctor Who adventures. Outside of work, he enjoys quality time with friends and family, engaging in friendly competitions through video games and classic "bar" games like darts and pool. At home, Danny is accompanied by two feline companions, Chelsea and Malfoy, adding warmth and companionship to his life. Despite an unconventional journey into the veterinary industry, Danny's genuine desire to build connections with pet owners shines through. He values human connection and aims to make vet appointments pleasant and reassuring for both pets and owners. For Danny, the standout feature of working at Riser is the incredible team and strong camaraderie that makes work feel like hanging out with friends. In a playful scenario, Danny envisions himself as Beethoven the St. Bernard, big-hearted, a little messy, and occasionally clumsy, but always well-intentioned. Danny's vibrant and personable presence adds value to our leadership team at Riser, fostering connections and creating positive experiences for clients and colleagues alike.


Lead Veterinary Technician / Pharmacy Manager

Jenny has been a dedicated member of the Riser team since April 2004, serving as the Pharmacy Manager/Technician lead. Beyond her pharmacy role, Jenny's vibrant personality shines through her love for travel, trash reality TV, and spending time with her Guinea pigs. With two canine companions and a charming group of six Guinea pigs at home, Jenny's household is always lively. Her work philosophy centers on her passion for animals, particularly in pharmacy, where she ensures pets receive essential medications for a better quality of life. Jenny's favorite aspect of Riser is the supportive culture and camaraderie among staff members, which makes each workday enjoyable. In a playful comparison, Jenny envisions herself as a Rottweiler—reserved at first but fiercely loyal and protective once a connection is made. Jenny's commitment to pharmacy management, passion for animal well-being, and infectious laughter enrich the positive culture at Riser Animal Hospital, making her an invaluable asset to the team.


Lead Veterinary Technician

Kevin, our Lead Veterinary Technician, has been an essential part of the Riser family since October 1st, 1994. With a deep love for animals, Kevin's fascination extends to bats and extends beyond the clinic. He enjoys sound design and music production as hobbies. At home, Kevin shares his life with 'Beans,' a charming Chihuahua. For Kevin, veterinary medicine is more than a profession—it's a perfect fit that brings immense reward and positive impact to life. He values the collaborative spirit at Riser and takes joy in enhancing the lives of pets and their owners. In a playful scenario, Kevin sees himself as a Golden Retriever, embodying traits of calmness and loyalty. Kevin's extensive experience, passion, and commitment make him an invaluable asset to our veterinary team.


Lead Veterinary Assistant

Sienna, our dedicated Lead Veterinary Assistant, has been an integral part of the Riser family since September 2014. Beyond her professional role, she is passionate about outdoor activities like hiking and bouldering, as well as indulging her culinary skills. Sienna's inherent love for animals, nurtured from birth into the veterinary medicine industry, drives her work. At home, she shares her space with a loyal canine companion and a finned friend, creating a diverse haven for animal companionship. Sienna's journey in veterinary medicine is rooted in her desire to be an advocate for animals in need, reflecting her commitment to positively impacting their lives. She values the sense of family within the Riser team, fostering a supportive environment where she can thrive both personally and professionally. In a playful twist, Sienna envisions herself as an Italian Greyhound, reflecting her dynamic nature and adaptable characteristics. Sienna's dedication to animal advocacy, outdoor adventures, and culinary flair contributes to the vibrant culture at Riser, showcasing her commitment to exceptional care and support for both the team and the animals they serve.
Veterinary Technicians


Laboratory Technician

Ady, our seasoned Lab Tech, has been an integral part of the Riser team since 1973. Alongside her husband Bob, she enjoys exploring Chicago and spending time with family in southwest Michigan. Ady's love for music, reading, and nature enriches her life, but above all, she cherishes the daily interactions with the pets at the clinic. After losing a beloved feline companion, Ady and Bob welcomed Spicy, a new cat, into their home, bringing joy with her playful antics. Ady's dedication to veterinary medicine is driven by her love for the patients, prioritizing their well-being above all else. Her favorite aspect of Riser is the daily connection with furry friends and the lasting friendships formed over the years. In a playful twist, Ady envisions herself as a cat, inspired by their agility and grace. Her commitment to her role and genuine love for animals contribute to Riser's welcoming atmosphere, leaving a lasting impact on both colleagues and patients alike.

Bryan, CVT

Veterinary Technician

Bryan, our dedicated CVT, joined the Riser team in 2010, bringing a passion for music, nature, and connecting with animals. At home, he shares his space with a feline companion and tends to a vibrant fish tank, reflecting his love for animals. Bryan's journey into veterinary medicine stems from a lifelong love for animals and a desire to contribute to their well-being. His favorite aspect of working at Riser is the time spent in the lab, where he ensures every task is completed with precision and excellence. In a lighthearted reflection, Bryan identifies with the Australian Cattle Dog, appreciating their unique characteristics. Bryan's dedication and passion as a CVT contribute significantly to the compassionate care provided at Riser, ensuring every aspect of animal care is approached with diligence.

Debra, CVT

Veterinary Technician

Debra Kelly, our dedicated Certified Vet Tech, has been an integral part of the Riser family since 2014. Raised in Chicago, her journey into veterinary medicine was shaped by a lifelong companionship with various animals. After completing her undergraduate studies at UIUC, Debra pursued her passion at the Vet Tech Institute at Fox College, solidifying her commitment to the field. At home, she shares her space with three shorthair cats—Merlin, Hope, and Toulouse—and a delightful mutt named Poppy. Debra believes companion animals are family, and being part of a team that cares for them brings her great fulfillment. She appreciates Riser's encouragement for staff development, providing opportunities for learning and growth. In a lighthearted twist, Debra sees herself as a cat, drawn to their relaxed and independent nature. Her commitment to companion animal well-being and continuous learning makes her an invaluable member of the Riser team.


Veterinary Nurse

Meet Kerri, a seasoned Technician who has been part of the Riser family since September 2000. Kerri's life is filled with adventure and a deep commitment to the well-being of all creatures. Her love for nature is evident in her passion for hiking and mushroom hunting, as well as her advanced scuba diving certification. At home, Kerri shares her space with a diverse family of animals, including three dogs, four Slider turtles, and a rescue pigeon. Her dedication to veterinary medicine is rooted in a belief in the love and care of all creatures, driving her commitment to compassionate animal care. Kerri finds joy in the dynamic connections formed at Riser, cherishing the opportunity to meet new pets, interact with their owners, and build relationships with coworkers. In a whimsical reflection, Kerri identifies with the Shih Tzu breed, describing herself as lovable with a hint of sass. Kerri's experience, adventurous spirit, and genuine love for animals contribute significantly to the warm and caring atmosphere at Riser, reflecting the clinic's dedication to compassionate veterinary care.


Veterinary Nurse

Meet Maribel, a vibrant member of the Riser family, who has been serving as a vet tech/assistant since September 10, 2018. Maribel embodies creativity, passion, and a free-spirited, adventurous nature. With a deep love for nature and a keen eye for antiques and oddities, Maribel finds joy in art creation, hiking, and tending to her beloved plants and pets. At home, Maribel shares her space with a charming pit mix named Peep, adding a delightful touch to her creative and adventurous lifestyle. The rewarding and fulfilling nature of the career fuels Maribel's choice to work in veterinary medicine. She recognizes its significant impact on the lives of animals and clients, emphasizing the deep sense of purpose that comes with caring for furry companions. For Maribel, the standout feature of working at Riser is the unique work culture. The positive and supportive atmosphere fosters a sense of camaraderie among the team, contributing to a fulfilling work experience. In a whimsical scenario, Maribel envisions herself as a Xoloitzcuintli, also known as the Mexican Hairless Dog. Inspired by their unique characteristics and quirky personalities, Maribel identifies with the distinctiveness and charm of this breed. Maribel's creativity, passion for nature, and love for animals make her an invaluable member of the Riser team. Her commitment to the well-being of pets and the positive work culture exemplify the heart of Riser Animal Hospital's mission to provide exceptional veterinary care.
Support Staff


Veterinary Assistant/CSR

Claudia, a multifaceted team member at Riser Animal Hospital, serves as a Pharmacy Tech and Veterinary Assistant since May 2019. As a quirky Aquarius, her vibrant personality is defined by her love for animals, art, and nature. At home, Claudia enjoys the company of her lively boxer, Billie, and holds dear memories of her soul pup, Nollie. Her journey in veterinary medicine is driven by a passion for understanding animal anatomy and contributing to saving lives. Claudia finds fulfillment in the positive culture at Riser, fostering camaraderie among the team. In a playful twist, she envisions herself as a mastiff, embodying a laid-back and relaxed nature akin to casually watching TV on the couch all day. Claudia's dedication to veterinary medicine and her vibrant spirit contribute to the compassionate care provided at Riser Animal Hospital.


Veterinary Assistant/CSR

Bio Coming Soon


Veterinary Assistant/CSR

Meet Allie, a dedicated member of the Riser team serving as a Veterinary Assistant/CSR since 2019. With nearly five years of experience in the veterinary industry, Allie is a proud Chicagoan, born and raised with a deep love for dogs. Allie's furry companion at home is Jazzibelle Sage, a charming cat that adds warmth, spice, and joy to her life. With her role in the veterinary industry, Allie sees her work as more than just a job—it's about advocating for animal health and being a voice for pets who cannot speak for themselves. She finds fulfillment in this advocacy and believes in the importance of passionate individuals in the veterinary world. For Allie, the favorite part of working at Riser is the sense of family and unity, where everyone shares the goal of extending the lives of pets in need. In a playful analogy, Allie envisions herself as a Dachshund, embracing the spirit of courage, humor, and determination that reflects her character. Allie's dedication to animal advocacy, her love for dogs, and her commitment to the Riser family contribute significantly to the compassionate and caring environment at Riser Animal Hospital, echoing Riser's mission to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.


Veterinary Assistant

Meet Celi, our dedicated Vet Assistant, who joined the Riser family in December 2019. Known for her warm and friendly nature, Celi has a unique way of connecting with pets, often introducing herself to them before their owners. At home, Celi's love for animals extends to her own four pets—a delightful mix of two cats and two dogs, and the anticipation of welcoming two chickens in the upcoming spring. Celi's journey into veterinary medicine is deeply influenced by a compassionate experience she had with a veterinarian at BP during the passing of her puppy. Touched by the vet's empathy during a difficult time, Celi is motivated to pay that compassion forward, particularly during euthanasia. For Celi, the favorite part of working at Riser is the close connection she forms with both the animals and her colleagues. The joy of interacting with pets and the camaraderie among the team make her work experience genuinely fulfilling. In a playful twist, Celi envisions herself as a mutt—a wiggly little dog with spice and love. This choice reflects her dynamic and affectionate personality, capturing the essence of a dog that brings joy and warmth to those around. Celi's genuine compassion, love for animals, and dedication to her role as a Vet Assistant contribute to the positive and caring environment at Riser. Her commitment to paying forward the compassion she received showcases the heart of Riser Animal Hospital's mission to provide empathetic and exceptional veterinary care.


Veterinary Assistant

Carli, a dedicated member of the Riser team since 2019, serves as both a veterinary and surgical assistant. Outside of work, she enjoys concerts, baking, movies, and video games. Carli is passionate about enhancing the lives of older pets and creating positive experiences for misunderstood animals. She values the collaborative spirit at Riser and aims to specialize in radiological imaging. Her beloved kitten, Frankiestein, holds a special place in her heart. Though others may see her as potentially intimidating like a Doberman, Carli balances strength with a gentle demeanor, contributing to a harmonious team dynamic and compassionate care at Riser.


Veterinary Assistant/CSR

Kaitlyn, a dedicated Veterinary Assistant at Riser for nearly two years, is known for her reserved nature that transforms into engaging conversation once you get to know her. At home, she enjoys the company of Flynn the cat, along with canine companions Layla and Russell. Kaitlyn's work philosophy centers on improving animals' quality of life, contributing to their well-being as a Veterinary Assistant. Her favorite part of working at Riser is the daily opportunity for learning and growth in collaboration with a supportive team. In a lighthearted comparison, Kaitlyn sees herself as a scruffy terrier-mutt mix, reflecting her adaptable and characterful personality. Kaitlyn's dedication to animal care and her enthusiasm for continuous learning enrich the compassionate atmosphere at Riser Animal Hospital.


Veterinary Assistant/CSR

Meet Alex, a passionate CSR and Veterinary Assistant who joined the Riser team in August 2022. Alex's enthusiasm is centered around a profound love for cats. At home, Alex shares the space with an eclectic mix of pets. Two German Shepherd/Husky mixes, resembling cows, bring a touch of diversity. Additionally, two beautiful Siamese mix cats, featuring a black and white contrast like yin and yang, add a harmonious balance to the household. For Alex, the journey into veterinary medicine is a fulfilling fusion of a desire to work in the medical field and a genuine love for animals. Starting with pet sitting, the transition to a clinic setting allowed Alex to provide love and care to animals, coupled with the expertise of the veterinary team. Advocating for animals who cannot speak for themselves is a significant aspect of Alex's work. Alex's favorite part of working at Riser revolves around the delightful feline companions. A particular affinity for cats shines through, with a playful mention of needing to see every single one. In a charming twist, Alex envisions being a cat-dog—a male black medium-haired cat. This choice reflects Alex's love for feline companionship but with a canine twist, showcasing a unique and delightful personality. Alex's presence at Riser Animal Hospital brings a blend of passion for cats, dedication to animal care, and the joy of collaboration with a cherished work companion. As a CSR and Veterinary Assistant, Alex contributes to the warm, compassionate atmosphere that defines Riser's commitment to pet well-being.


Veterinary Assistant/CSR

Angel, a dedicated member of the Riser team since September 2022, serves as both a Client Service Representative (CSR) and Vet Assistant. Her passion for animals is evident not only in her work but also in her three beloved dogs—Sophia, Diamond, and Trouble. Angel's career in veterinary medicine is driven by her simple yet heartfelt love for animals, allowing her to care for their well-being in her dual role. She values the close bond with her colleagues at Riser, appreciating their commitment to compassionate care for every pet and owner. In a charming comparison, Angel sees herself as a German shepherd, embodying loyalty and spiritedness in her approach to her work. Angel's love for animals, dedication to the team, and commitment to exceptional client service make her an invaluable asset to Riser Animal Hospital.


Veterinary Assistant/CSR

Jada Scott, a dedicated Client Service Representative at Riser Animal Hospital since February 2023, brings a passion for animals and a love for learning to her role. Her interests in reading, writing, and animal research reflect her curiosity and commitment to understanding the natural world. While Jada currently doesn't have pets, her career aspirations in animal research demonstrate her deep love for animals. She appreciates the positive work environment at Riser, where collaboration and support among colleagues create a fulfilling workplace. In a playful comparison, Jada sees herself as a Bernedoodle, reflecting her calm demeanor, diverse interests, and lively spirit. Jada's dedication to animals, love for learning, and appreciation for teamwork make her an invaluable member of the Riser team, embodying the ethos of continuous improvement and compassionate care.


Veterinary Assistant

Meet Elena, a dedicated Veterinary Assistant who joined the Riser team in October 2023. Elena's interests include watching Gordon Ramsey shows, indulging in the art of cooking, and engaging in the fascinating world of dog training. At home, Elena's furry family includes Mac, the Golden Retriever, Selene, the Labrador Retriever, Waylon, the cat, and Zeke, the bearded dragon, each adding their unique charm to her life. Elena's choice to work in veterinary medicine is driven by her profound love for pets and the desire to contribute to their well-being, fueling her dedication to making a positive impact in the field. The camaraderie within the Riser team and the opportunity to interact with adorable pets stand out as Elena's favorite aspects of working at Riser, contributing to a fulfilling work experience. In a playful twist, Elena envisions herself as a Bernese Mountain Dog, reflecting her generally friendly nature and occasional penchant for laziness. Elena's enthusiasm for pets and her love for the Riser team contribute to the vibrant and compassionate atmosphere at Riser Animal Hospital, where she plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of the adorable pets under Riser's care.
Customer Support Representatives



Vanessa, the Customer Care Coordinator at Riser since March 13, 2015, is not only a dedicated professional but also a loving wife and mother of four. Alongside her work, Vanessa is pursuing studies to become a special education teacher, guided by her motto, "We are only as strong as our weakest link." At home, she enjoys the company of two cats, Athena and Buzz, along with eighteen snails and four fish, bringing joy to her family life. Vanessa's commitment to helping those in need led her to veterinary medicine, where she finds fulfillment in contributing to animal and owner well-being. She values work-life balance as a cornerstone of strength and supports a supportive work environment. In a playful comparison, Vanessa sees herself as a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, embodying the breed's cute and easygoing nature. Vanessa's dedication to customer care and fostering a positive experience for clients and their pets enriches the compassionate ethos at Riser Animal Hospital.



Alyssa, the vibrant Customer Service Representative (CSR) at Riser Animal Hospital, joined the team in August 2023. With a deep love for animals, she brings youthful energy and a passion for animal care to her role. Alyssa shares her home with a diverse mix of pets, including a dog, two cats, six guinea pigs, and two turtles, adding joy and variety to her life. Her journey into veterinary medicine began over a year ago, sparking her passion for animal care and leading her to seek opportunities to expand her knowledge. Alyssa finds immense joy in daily interactions with animals at Riser, where she can assist and support pet owners, adding fulfillment to her role. Playfully envisioning herself as a husky, Alyssa draws parallels between her energetic nature and the spirited characteristics of the breed, reflecting her love for animals and commitment to customer service.



Meet Edith, a vibrant member of the Riser team who assumed the role of Client Service Representative on September 6, 2023. Beyond her professional life, Edith finds joy in spending quality time with her family, playing video games, attending concerts, watching scary movies, and cherishing life's simple pleasures. At home, Edith shares her space with a 15-year-old doggie companion who remains eager to fulfill his duty of cleaning up any crumbs that find their way to the floor. Her deep-seated passion for animals drives her choice to work in veterinary medicine, fulfilling a lifelong aspiration. The highlight of Edith's experience at Riser is the ability to savor precious moments with coworkers and patients alike, expressing gratitude for being part of the team. In a playful reflection, Edith envisions herself as a Rottweiler, reflecting her sweet and loving nature with a hint of assertiveness and protectiveness. Edith's warmth, enthusiasm, and genuine love for animals make her an invaluable member of the Riser family.

Thomas, CSR


Thomas Trunk, a Customer Service Representative at Riser since December 2023, hails from Chicago and enjoys quality time with loved ones, attending concerts, and indulging in summer demolition derbies. His free moments are spent outdoors, hiking, and nurturing a love for music with his son's drum lessons. While Thomas cares for neighborhood alley cats, his past includes owning a cat, dogs, and a rabbit. Drawn to veterinary reception for his love of animals and customer service, Thomas values being the first point of contact for clients. His favorite part of working at Riser is the constant companionship of dogs and cats, fostering positive experiences for both clients and animals alike. If Thomas were a dog, he'd liken himself to a Basset Hound, sharing their relaxed disposition, need for exercise, and occasional stubbornness.