Hello Friends of Riser,

Thank you for your continued patience and support during these times of uncertainty. We are so proud of how wonderful and hard-working our team has been during this pandemic. With the states reopening we have been working diligently and planning strategically on how we move forward. We realize one of the hardest areas to control has been the telephone, our call volume has greatly increased while working out the kinks of curbside. We apologize for long hold times and busy signals; we understand how frustrating it is for our clients. We promise we are trying our hardest to get to every call as soon as we physically can. Thank you for your continued patience.

While we have been monitoring the current events closely, we have chosen to stay curbside for a while longer. We believe this is in the best interest of our team and clients. We will slowly be merging our hospital back into one team allowing us to add in more services. Starting on July 1st we will return to our normal business hours of Monday-Friday 8 am to 6 pm and Saturday 8 am to 1 pm. We have been working tirelessly on streamlining the process of curbside. We are confident that the steps we have taken will make for a smooth hospital visit, while still providing the highest level of care for our patients.

Curbside Care Appointments

  • We ask that you patiently wait in your car upon arriving. Once you have parked, text the hospital number 847-673-2520 to alert us you have arrived. When texting us please list the last name on the account, pet’s name, and reason for the visit (ie: appointment or medication/food pick up).
  • We now have parking cones, numbered to better assist you in the parking lot. This has helped tremendously as we are not too knowledgeable on our car breeds. Please be sure to add the parking spot in your text message.
  • Our assistants will instruct you going forward, on what is the safest way to bring your pet in the hospital. We ask that you please try to social distance from our staff and wear a mask when interacting especially when our staff is having to retrieve your pet out of the vehicle. Please note all cats must be in carriers and dogs must have a collar/leash on. Please do not open the back of your vehicle without being instructed to do so by our staff.
  • To help with the process we will send out a medical questionnaire via text or email.
  • We ask that you make sure to have your phone free for the assistant or doctor to call with questions and to discuss matters regarding your pet and to obtain payments once the visit is complete. Please note that our staff may call from a restricted number.
  • We ask that you wait patiently in the parking lot during your pet’s visit. We are often seeing patients immediately after your pet’s visit so we ask that you don’t leave to run errands during that time.

Surgical and elective procedures

  • We will begin scheduling surgical and dental procedures starting July 1st. Please email us at [email protected] or request an appointment on our website www.riserah.com to book your pet’s surgical or dental procedure.
  • We will gradually be scheduling in more services over the next few weeks. Please email us or request an appointment via our website for nail trims, laser appointments, and other services that were deemed non-essential for the past few months.

Digital Request

One of our top complaints has been the long hold times and busy signals when calling the hospital. As we stated above, we are trying our best to get to the phones as soon as we can. To help with the non-urgent request we now have online forms available for appointment and medication/food requests. Please visit www.riserah.com. We also have an online store if getting home delivery works best. For non-urgent questions, you can always email us at [email protected].

Below are links to our online forms:

To make an appointment- https://riserah.com/forms/make-an-appointment-2/
To request a prescription- https://riserah.com/forms/prescription-refill-and-food-order-request-form/


We fully understand that some people are still hesitant to leave their homes. We will still have doctors available to assist with telemedicine consultations Monday-Friday. Please contact us for more information. Telemedicine is a great tool to help with triaging your pet’s medical condition when you are unsure if an in-hospital visit is warranted. It can also be used to follow up on existing medical conditions. Your pet must be a current patient and seen within twelve months. TeleVet telemedicine is a service to consult with a doctor, it should not be used to request an exam in the hospital or for medication request. Visit our website or download the TeleVet app on your smart device for more information.

We are hopeful that soon we will return to the days of normalcy, provide face to face care, and see all our wonderful clients again. But for now, our main concern is the safety of our clients and the team. We are hopeful we will eventually be opening up the hospital to the public but in the meantime, we continue with curbside as we don’t feel as if we have the space to ensure proper social distancing within our exam rooms or lobby. Please remember to wear a mask and try to social distance when interacting with our staff in the parking lot. We will continue to update you as protocols change within the hospital. We thank you for the opportunity to continue caring for our four-legged friends. We wish you health, happiness, and safety.

The Doctors and Staff of Riser Animal Hospital

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